Take Action – Stop The Gas Tax Increase!

Ed. Note – The following appeal is provided by our Citizen News Project Contributor Tanzi Stafford


Please let your legislators know (please see a link below) that they should repeal the Automatic Gas tax increase?
Thank you

Dear Marylanders,

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On January 1, 2015, Maryland gas tax went up by 3.5 cents per gallon. Thus, we currently pay: 31 cents/gallon MD gas tax (up from 27.5 cents) + 18.4 cents (federal gas tax) = 49.4 cents/ gallon in taxes. As a result, for a 20 gallon tank of gas we will pay $6.20 (MD gas tax) +$3.66 (federal)=$9.88 (total taxes).

The real losers are those that drive in Maryland as an economic reality, not a luxury. Farmers that grow crops and raise livestock use gasoline and diesel for agriculture. Small business owners drive from one customer appointment to another in hopes to get business so they can pay salaries to their employees and support their families. Hospital workers, teachers, restaurant workers, firefighters, police officers, and postal workers that commute long distances to their jobs will also pay. It will also impact students. As the cost of living and in-state tuition rise, many Maryland students can’t afford to live on campus and drive from home to campus and back

Please join me in letting legislators know they should repeal the Automatic Gas Tax Increases. If you follow the link below, the first page will prompt you to enter your address to locate your legislators. Then you will have the option to send an email or call them. If you decide to send an email, the link bring you to a pre-written email that you can feel free to change if you like.
Thank you,

Tanzi Stafford

Take Action – Stop The Gas Tax Increase!

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