Right Again it Seems

Back in November, I wrote an extended piece about what I predicted would be the course Maryland Democrats will take in opposing Governor Hogan,

As part of that piece, I wrote the following:

 The faster [Hogan] can fund tax relief, particularly where it can fund private sector job growth and reduce the most regressive taxes, the better. State democrats will seek to stop this all the way.  They will claim it is “unwise”, that they prefer “investments in infrastructure”, and generally say that any tax relief is moving “too fast”.  We can even expect Comptroller Franchot, who has positioned himself as a fiscal conservative, to question the full extent of any proposed tax cut.

Precisely as predicted, Comptroller Franchot, often reported as a fiscal conservative and Democratic supporter of the Hogan economic plan, called into question any need for tax relief at all to WBAL’s Robert Lang.

So predictable.  Let’s hope the Hogan administration appreciates not only our prescience but our advice in dealing with their “ally” the Comptroller.

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