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Don’t Know Much About (Maryland) History?

Today is Maryland Day.  If you don’t know much about the history of this state, like too many Marylanders and too many members of our General Assembly, read on and click the links to learn more.

If you know your Maryland history,  you should be able to answer these 10 questions.  (If you can’t answer them or want to see if you are right click on the link.)

1. Who is Henrietta Maria and why is she important to Maryland?

2. Maryland has a special role in our nation’s history of religious tolerance.  What was it?

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3. What was Maryland’s first capital? (Hint: It wasn’t Annapolis.)

4. The only Catholic member of the Second Continental Congress was from Maryland? Who was he? (Bonus if you knew that he was ineligible to serve in state office in Maryland because of his religion.)

5.  Our state song mentions these famous Marylanders “Carroll” “Howard” “Ringgold” “Watson” “Lowe” “May“. Who are they?

6. Annapolis was invaded by the United States army in 1861.  Who led the Union force and where did the Maryland General Assembly meet in exile?

7. President Abraham Lincoln threatened to destroy a prominent Baltimore landmark if citizens demonstrated against the federal government.  What was this landmark? (Bonus if you can name where the guns were placed.)

8. Maryland is known as the “Old Line State”. What was the “Maryland Line” and what historical event is most famously associated with it?

9. In the election of 1860 which candidate did Maryland support? (Hint: It was the same candidate as Mississippi.)(Bonus if you can identify the percentage of the vote Abraham Lincoln received?)

10. In the wake of the civil rights era, a controversial Presidential candidate was shot in Maryland.  Who was he?


So many more items we could ask about but these questions require a working knowledge of Maryland’s rich and unique history that you probably weren’t taught in school.

We hope this piques your interest in studying Maryland history. If so, let me suggest the following books:

A Southern Star for Maryland

The Flowering of the Maryland Palitinate

Maryland A Middle Temperament


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