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Call to Action in Defense of Life

Friday, March 6, 2013 a joint hearing with the Maryland House of Delegates Judiciary and Health and Government Operations committees will meet jointly to hear HB 1021 the Doctor-Assisted Suicide Death with Dignity Act.

I have spoken with Delegates fighting this bill who have asked us to get the word out and to ask our readers to contact members of these committees and let them know of our opposition to this bill.  While it appears the bill is unlikely to pass, the vote is close and there are especially some wavering Republicans who need to hear from pro-life conservatives.

If you need some facts to include in your email, please read our post In Defense of Life and the many linked articles making the case against bringing Oregon styled doctor assisted suicide to Maryland. Here are some bullet points:

You can find links to the list of committee members, with contact information, by clicking below:

House Judiciary Committee

House Health and Government Affairs Committee




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