Democrats in Montgomery County Want to Change the Election Law

Voter participation has declined in one of the richest and most educated counties in America, Montgomery County, Maryland. For example, in the past primary election only 16.34% of all registered voters in Montgomery County came out to cast their ballot. There are many reasons for low voter turn-out in Montgomery County, MD. But the most important reason is that voters have begun to lose their faith in the integrity of the election process.

The current voter registration process doesn’t have safe guards in place that verifies that indeed only US Citizens are registered to vote. There are three ways in Maryland to register to vote and none of them ensure the eligibility of a voter. For example,

1) Registration to vote with only a driver’s license doesn’t allow the verification of U.S. citizenship.

2) Registration to vote with only last 4 digits of a Social Security number doesn’t allow verification of U.S. citizenship, either.

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3) Registration to vote with no documents (or confirmation that the applicant does not have any of these 2 items of identification.). Certainly, this provides no verification. How can someone verify that someone doesn’t have something? You cannot prove a negative.

There are have been multiple media reports of non-US citizens voting such as was reported in Frederick County. I personally met a stranger that resided in Montgomery County, MD and that stated that he is a green card holder and voted in this past primaries.

To further increase voter turnout or enhance Democrats’ power in Maryland and Montgomery County, Montgomery County Council recently decided to create the “Right to Vote ” task force to fundamentally change the election law in Maryland and Montgomery County.

Last June, the “Right to Vote” Task force presented their recommendations to the MoCo Council. The task force recommendations were carefully crafted by local politicians, elected officials and election lawyers who were the members of the task force. The task force recommended the transformation of the election law on the local level and made recommendations for the General Assembly. Among the recommendations, the task force suggested voting rights for non-citizen and 16 year old, prisoners to vote while they are still in prison, Same Day registration (Registration on the Election Day and vote), open -primaries, redistricting (but only state and local districts but not Maryland’s gerrymandered congressional districts) and changes voter registration process.

In September 2014, prior to the past midterm election Maryland launched online voter registration. The process is very simple. An applicant can simply certify themselves that they are a U.S. Citizen and type his or her full name as a signature.

Montgomery County MD, held a public hearing on September 23, 2014, on the “Right to Vote” task force recommendations and over 30 people came to testify. A majority of those testifying expressed opposition to the recommendations. After the hearing, the Montgomery County Council Office refused to post the video of the hearing online. The County Council Office was contacted 4 times. The first time they said that with this particular hearing they had technical difficulties and it was never recorded. When they were confronted with the fact that the hearing was broadcast on public access television, they quickly changed the story and said that it would be be posted in a few days. But now several months later it has still not been posted. However, a Montgomery county resident recorded the hearing and posted a copy of the hearing “Right to Vote” task force recommendations in 2 parts ( Part -I and Part-II) on YouTube. The Montgomery County Council committee is still trying to push through the recommendations forward. There is a committee work session scheduled for February 12, 2015, MoCoCouncil building.

I grew up in the former Soviet Union. I witnessed firsthand the collapse of the USSR and It always puts a smile on my face when liberals condemn the suppression of the freedom of speech in the communist countries and lack of integrity in the election process in these countries. Yet, Democrats in Montgomery County play by the same playbook as communist counties but an softer way through laws and regulations that are in charge for many decades here. In Montgomery County there is no coverage of this issue. There is only an illusion of an independent media. The whole reason why America is exceptional in the world because it adheres to a constitutional system with a healthy two party system. One party rule ends the same in any country, with a corrupt and ineffective bureaucracy seeking to cling to power.

Maryland Delegate Schulz (R) sponsored HB0029 that would start “Requiring individuals who apply to register to vote after June 30, 2015, to submit proof of United States citizenship; providing that individuals who are not citizens of the United States are not qualified to be registered voters; requiring an applicant for voter registration to submit specified documents or information to prove United States citizenship; etc. “ the 1st reading was on 01/14/2015 in the House Ways and Means. Please contact your Delegates to support HB0029.

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