Ten Years In

Today marks an anniversary for me, because ten years ago I posted my first post on my now-dormant personal blog.

To show you how more things change, the more they stay the same one of my first substantive posts was dealing with an issue (an elected School Board in Anne Arundel County) that we are still dealing with here today.

A lot has changed in ten years of doing this. We’ve gone from a Republican Governor, to eight years of Martin O’Malley, and now to a new era of Republican leadership with Governor Hogan. Local online media has gone from niche individuals writing on Blogger to, in many cases, more sophisticated multimedia sites.

Even I personally have gone from a simple blogger, to a part of Red Maryland, to a foray into vlogging, four years almost of online radio, a run at the Baltimore Sun, and now a new era with the Citizen News Project.

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In that time, all of the social media sites we now rely on to promote our shows and connect have come online. It’s amazing how far online media has actually come.

The most rewarding part of this, as we have reflected on before, is the growth of Red Maryland. From an aggregate of various conservatives around Maryland into what the Frederick News-Post called “Maryland’s most respected conservative voice.”

It’s almost even difficult to consider this a tenth anniversary as a “blogger.” Red Maryland has almost moved to a point where we can no longer be considered a blog, we’re an activist media company. We aren’t competing with other bloggers anymore, we compete with other News Outlets to bring stories, views, and commentary that you can’t find elsewhere.

Whatever you want to call it, I’ve been doing it for ten years now. It’s been a fun ride. Thanks for being part of it. But we’re just getting started…..

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