Frederick County: The Bickering Heats Up Part 2


In politics it seems that endorsing candidates can be a risky move.  Risky that if your candidate losses, the winner may have an ax to grind.  According to Jenkins, he believes Delegate Afzali has been angry with Sheriff Jenkins since the 2010 primaries where he did not support her in her bid for delegate.  Jenkins admits that although he did not support Delegate Afzali, she was a big public supporter of the Sheriff.

Sheriff Jenkins went on Frederick’s Forum on Saturday January 3rd, as a last minute fill in for the host, Pattee Brown, to provide insight  in the process and selection of District 4’s vacant Delegate seat by the Frederick Republican Central Comittee.
Jenkins stated he felt he could provide insight  on how the process worked and to provide his opinion of why Wendi Peters should have been the selection.  Jenkins cited that it was the most logical choice to pick the candidate that placed fourth in a race that did not even happen 90 days ago.
During this show Pattee Brown called Afzali “Ms Icky” and Senator Hough a “Power Ranger”.  Brown’s political views on her show tend to lean more to the left.  Although Jenkins never used these names, when asked why he did not come to the defense of fellow Republicans, he stated that it just did not occur to him at the time and he did not think of it.
After the radio show both individuals attended an event together in which Afzali sent Jenkins a series of text messages which included words like “bully” and “wimp”.  When asked if Jenkins originally knew who had sent the message he stated he had no clue as it came across as a simple number and others next to him noticed his discontentment.  Jenkins stated he was concerned of the message since he did not know who it was from and given his profession.  Once the text messages continued he understood this was political in nature and must have been sent by a “Jenkins hater”.
When asked how he found out it was Afzali he stated that other members of the event saw Afzali send the message as well as that he received a phone call from one of the organizers stating such.
Jenkins was asked what he thought Afzali meant by “power” and his assumption was political power.  Jenkins then stated that he has no power (other than police) and that he has been entrusted by the people to do a job.  He was clear that he believes there is no power except from the people.
Jenkins was asked if he thought Afzali thought she had power since she originated the word.  His reply was that he did not necessarily think that ,but that sometimes people lose sight amongst the politics.  He did state that he believed she understood she has a job to do and what her role as a Delegate is.  Jenkins does believe she has her eyes on higher offices since she ran against Congressman Bartlett.
Afzali stated on WFMD radio that this was supposed to have been a private conversation.  When asked about this, Jenkins stated he had no idea who it was from until much later and never once did the individual identify herself or ask for privacy.  He stated that if Afzali asked for privacy he would have kept the communication private.
Jenkins was asked if he felt that it was acceptable to make statements as an “individual” and not as an elected officials on the radio.  He replied that he felt the citizens would accept the separation of his comments as an individual and not as the Sheriff.
Per the Frederick News Post  on Wednesday, Afzali provided a written statement.

“On January 3rd, reacting out of hurt and anger, I sent Sheriff Jenkins a text message that I probably should have just kept to myself. I was reacting after he went on a local radio show and attacked me and other elected Republican officials calling us juvenile names,” Afzali stated.

On Thursday morning Afzali went on WFMD with a similar statement from current Frederick County Commissioner Kirby Delauter stating, don’t send a text message when you’re mad. She also added that she felt the FCRCC went in with an open mind to the selection process.  Afzali stated that many of the FCRCC are very strong conservative and strongly pro-life.  She stated that if the applications showed they were not 100% pro-life they would most likely not make the cut.    Afzali stated that Chris Glass received such vitriol from the Brinkley camp, that he withdrew from the selection process. When asked if she called and apologized to Jenkins she stated that she has not and Jenkins has never returned any of her calls for the past four years.

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Afzali stated she does not go on the air and publicly criticize other elected Republicans and that is should be done in private.

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