Delegate Afzali Statements About Delegate Selection Process Called Into Question

If you have been following along our articles about what has been happening, you already know that the bickering between Delegate Afzali and Sheriff Jenkins started on January 3rd after Jenkins went on WFMD’s Saturday radio program, Frederick’s Forum.  Friday, Patte Brown had her say on the matter which challenged a number of statements by Delegate Kathy Afzali.

On the air, Afzali called into WFMD previously and stated that she was never invited on to Frederick’s Forum (the same day Jenkins was on).  An email provided by Frederick’s Forum challenges that statement.

The email provided to RM indicates that Frederick’s Forum sent Afzali an email on December 31st inviting her to come on to the show with Jenkins.  According to a station source, the show was told by Senator Hough that it would be inappropriate for members of the FCRCC to come on due to the members casting “private” votes.  This is why Frederick’s Forum reached out to Afzali.  Afzali responded about an hour later declining the invitation.

While on the air, Afzali  stated that anyone that was not pro-life would not have been chosen for the Delegate spot.  Critics of Delegate Afzali insist that that she was implying Peters was not pro-life.  Ms. Peters’ application to the FCRCC does not imply that (attached).

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During the Morning News Express with Bob Miller on WFMD,  Afzali stated that “they” thought Glass would have been a great selection because he had no political experience, was considered “neutral” from both sides and had a great resume.

Delegate Afzali also stated on WFMD, stating Chris Glass withdrew from the selection due to the negativity from his opponents.

Wendi Peters later called into WFMD’s Frederick’s Forum to repudiate the statement from Afzali stating that potential Delegate Candidate Chris Glass withdrew from the selection due to negativity from opponents.  Peters shared a text message, purportedly  from Glass, which stated:

“Ms. Peters,
Hope you get this message.   I withdrew my application for the district vacancy with the Central Committees on Monday,  January 5th due to my concerns over this process.  Not sure why this has yet to be made public,  so I wanted you to know.   If you were not being interviewed… how could I?  Integrity and party unity demand no less.  I wish you all success and am praying for you and your family at this time.   Chris Glass.  Acta Non Verba.”

Acta Non Verba is latin for deeds not words.

Supporters of Ms. Peters and critics of Afzali claim these statements are an attempt to provide “damage control” for the controversial selection process to replace Delegate Kelly Schulz.

Senator Hough, who is perceived by critics to be at the center of this power play, is quiet.  Hough has made no statements other than he heard Jenkins “sounded off on him”, which Jenkins disputes.  Senator Hough has not made public statements about the details of the selection process or the Afzali text message debacle or anything else.


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