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Announcing the Red Maryland Citizen News Project

Recently we at Red Maryland have been noting the decline of local political media coverage. With the consolidation of our local newspaper industry, a reduced presence by the Associated Press, and precious little time devoted to it by radio and television media, the information is hard to come by. And with so few outlets reporting on state and local government and politics, it’s becoming harder and harder for citizens to find useful information about what’s happening both in Annapolis and in their county.So we’re going to try and reverse that trend through a bit of an experiment in expanded citizen journalism.

Here at Red Maryland we are launching what we are calling the Citizen News Project. The aim of this is project is to have at least one political reporter in every county in the State of Maryland. These reporters, who will be volunteers, will be providing reports on hot topics of government and policy in their particular county. Maybe it’s new zoning regulations. Maybe it’s fireworks at a County Commission meeting. Maybe there’s drama in a local Republican Central Committee. Whatever the news is from the county seats, we want to report about it.

Why is this kind of citizen journalism important? Because these kind of underreported stories have a direct impact on the lives of each and every Marylander. County government decisions impact your property taxes, your property values, jobs, land use, the environment, and so much more. Local politics not only decide who runs our county governments, but also is often the entry into political life for future candidates for county, state, and even federal positions.

Remember, Martin O’Malley may run for President. His first elected office was as a City Councilman. This stuff matters.

As part of our effort to reach out into the counties, we are looking for volunteers. We need people with a knowledge of county government and politics in each of the 23 counties and Baltimore City. and we need people who are willing to write about these issues for Maryland’s Conservative Voice.

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Are you interested in delivering Citizen News? We want you on the team!

If you are willing to be part of our Citizen News Project, or know somebody who would be a good fit, email us at  or call us at 410-205-4875 to discuss it with us. Please include your county of residence, a phone number, and a little bit about yourself.

The Citizen News Project is an experiment in locally crowdsourced citizen journalism. We look forward to seeing it work.

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