Maryland Democrats Think Little of You

This week, Bryan Sears of the Daily Record had a very interesting article about the meeting of the task force to review private retirement savings. If you don’t follow Mr. Sears or read the Daily Record, and you should do both, it is likely you heard nothing about this meeting.

In fact, you were likely not even aware that your tax dollars were being spent on a task force to review how you are saving for your own retirement.

The task force, established by Governor O’Malley, is, as Mr. Sears reported it,

The group is looking at the possibility of recommending the creation of a mandated retirement program where nongovernment employers would be required to offer a retirement plan or enroll employees into a state managed plan. Employees would be automatically enrolled and as much as 6 percent of their pay deducted for retirement (under one proposal) in a defined benefit plan unless the employee opted out.

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Yes, the State of Maryland is studying how to force your employer to force you to save for retirement or have the state step in to do the forcing.  It is hard to imagine a more nanny-state concept.

What must the state’s Democratic leaders think of you that they feel the need, once again, to save you from yourself? Well, former Lt. Governor Kathleen Kennedy Townsend candidly relates what liberal democrats really think of the great unwashed over which they rule:

“I love education but why do drivers stop speeding? It’s not because they were told ‘This is bad for you’ but because things happen to make you quit speeding. I’m a great believer in education but I know as a mother of four children, I can tell kids what to do or I can tell them they have to go to their room if you don’t do it.”

Children.  The citizens of Maryland, in KKT”s eyes and those of the state democratic monopoly, view you and I as children who are too stupid to know what is good for us.  That is why they have a task force established to find a way for the state to “send you to your room” if you don’t save for retirement in the way they insist.

Liberals like KKT and O’Malley have the elitist view that they know better how to run your life then you do. They favor big government because we are just too stupid to be allow to govern ourselves as the founders of this country intended.

If Maryland Democrats want to know why they were beaten so badly in this year’s election, read this article and understand that a majority of Marylanders reject the idea of  nanny state that treats the citizens like children.

And here is the kicker, Governor-elect Hogan has already said he will disband this ridiculous task force.

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