Del. Ready Should Replace Sen. Getty

To no real surprise, State Senator Joe Getty (R-5) was appointed by Governor-Elect Hogan to serve as his chief legislative officer.  We certainly hope Senator Getty has great success in advancing the Hogan agenda in the legislature.

Senator Getty’s appointment, however, will leave his state Senate seat vacant.  We urge the Carroll County Republican central committee to appoint Delegate Justin Ready to replace him.  While there are other fine candidates, we here at Red Maryland have been huge supporters of Delegate Ready for years and believe he is the most qualified and most capable replacement for Senator Getty to represent his district in the State Senate and to challenge the Mike Miller agenda.

Here is what we have written about Delegate Ready in the past,

If there is one thing that best defines Justin Ready, it’s his ideological consistency. Justin Ready is a conservative’s conservative. he is for reforming education spending so that we actually educate students instead of grow bureaucracies. He’s a strong supporter of both the Right to Life as well as our Second Amendment rights. Justin believes in legitimate health care reform that will allow portability of coverage and real reductions in health care costs while increasing the availability of coverage. And like all of our Republican members of the General Assembly in Annapolis should believe, Justin Ready supports cutting wasteful spending, and providing meaningful tax relief to Maryland’s middle and working class families.

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When we endorsed Delegate Ready earlier this year we said this,

“During his first four years in Annapolis, Delegate Ready has been at the forefront of fighting for all of those things, a leading voice on issues protecting the Right to Life, gun rights, wasteful spending and tax relief. Justin has been one of the champions on our side in Annapolis … 

Justin’s voting record in Annapolis has been so conservative, that some of his opponents in the wild, nine-candidate primary are finding strange ways to attack him. Former Delegate Carmen Amedori went so far as to say that Ready and other conservative “ delegates turned their backs on education, in an effort to show they are ‘conservative’ “…

If Delegate Ready’s opponents find the only thing they can attack him on is his commitment to fiscal responsibility, that says a lot about Delegate Ready.”

Delegate Ready would be the same, committed and effective leader in the State Senate and that is why Red Maryland enthusiastically supports his appointment to replace Senator Joe Getty.

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