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The Other Collins Bailey

From the flurry of emails from relatively unknown party activists that have been hitting inboxes in the past few days, supporters of Maryland Republican Party 1st Vice-Chairman Collins Bailey must be concerned about his chances for re-election. And it probably has to do with some questions regarding Mr. Bailey and his activities in the run up to November 4th.


That begs the question: what was Collins Bailey doing in the run-up to the General Election? Apparently, he was plotting the ouster of incumbent Chairman Diana Waterman.


Much of this came to light last night over the speculation that outgoing Delegate Mike Smigiel would challenge Waterman at the convention this weekend. Red Maryland News Director Duane Keenan finally burst that bubble overnight:


This confirms what other sources have stated, that Bailey approached Smigiel with this cockamamie scheme not too long after the Republican Primary back in June.

From reports out of Charles County, it doesn’t sound like Bailey was doing much to advance the cause of elected candidates, either. In an email to Central Committee members earlier this week, Charles County Central Committee Member Mike Phillips endorsed Bailey’s opponent, Mary Burke Russell. In an email message to me (which I reprint with Mr. Phillips blessing), he said the following:

As a Charles County Central Committee member and the former County Coordinator for Larry Hogan for Governor for Charles County I must respectfully disagree with Collins Bailey’s statement (per his official announcement emailed 11/25/14) of his desire to strengthen and grow the party. Mr. Bailey’s efforts during the Hogan campaign for Governor in Charles County were minimal at best. He refused to send emails seeking volunteers at my repeated requests and offer to draft the email for him. Oddly enough, I see that on behalf of Ms. Trotta of Howard County — who endorses Mr. Bailey — that he willingly performs the same simple and easy task as I requested countless times for our Hogan Victory Center efforts as her email did not come to me from her, rather Mr. Bailey. I suppose what I was asking him to do was not self-serving enough for his interests at running for MDGOP Chair or Vice Chair. At any rate, Mr. Bailey, with the understanding that to help elect the next Republican Governor, win Charles County, and serving the interests of Charles County with a 51% goal to win, refused to volunteer himself and only after much headstrong and embarrassing conversation from me, the Hogan campaign and Chairman Diana Waterman did he finally attend his first night of phone-banking where he made ZERO phone calls and on his second attempt made only 20 calls in a four hour time span spending much of his efforts criticizing the process (which proved successful as our blue county won 47% of the vote, honorable enough of a number without local Central Committee support), inciting dissension among the volunteers that WERE there to work, and not being the team player he would have us to believe he is.

A damning statement by somebody who was on the ground. But Bailey had time to organize an attempt to undermine the State Party leadership. So basically instead of working to get Republicans elected, Bailey was looking to advance his own agenda.

Earlier this year Bailey also announced his support of an idea to amend the Maryland Republican Party bylaws to take the power of candidate selection out of the hands of the people (where it belongs) in order to give a disproportionate share to insider cliques. For somebody who touts the support of the Republican Liberty Caucus and purports to represent the “Liberty Wing” of the Republican Party, it’s hard to fathom why Bailey would make such a move against the Liberty of Republican Voters.
The biggest concern of all of these stories of course comes down to whether Mr. Bailey’s word means anything. So far, we’ve talked about his scheme to oust Diana Waterman, his lack of work supporting Governor-elect Hogan, his attempt to silence the will of Maryland Republican Voters. But it’s just the little things that we all have seen in Bailey that make us all wonder. Sure, he comes off as a nice guy. But I certainly remember little things from over the years.
  • I remember when, when we ran against each other for 3rd Vice-Chairman of the State Party in 2010, when Collins Bailey said he would endorse me on the 2nd ballot. And then went out and endorsed somebody else.
  • I remember when Collins Bailey told Greg Kline in 2013 that he supported him in his run for State Party Chairman. Then announced his own candidacy the next day.
  • I remember when Collins Bailey, at the Special Election in 2013, told Greg Kline to stay in the race on the 2nd ballot. Then took none of the responsibility when his supporters then blamed Greg for Diana Waterman’s 2nd ballot election in the days and weeks following that convention.
  • I remember when Collins Bailey literally plagiarized my work, took credit for it himself, then took no responsibility for doing it.

The position of 1st Vice-Chairman is a very important position in the State Party, mainly because they are the next person up to assume the Chairmanship if a vacancy occurs in that office  It is important that somebody who is dedicated and trusted be elected to serve in that office. You have to ask yourself if Collins Bailey is that guy. Last year, he was elected to fill that vacancy against a fractured field of six which got whipped together at the last second, and was basically elected partially as a consolation prize, and partially because the Central Committee members wanted to go home.

Last April Collins Bailey was in the right place at the right time to become 1st Vice-Chairman of the Maryland Republican Party. And now that Bailey has been weighed, measured, and found sorely wanting, there is no argument for returning Collins Bailey to his post.

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