Another O’Malley Legacy: Higher Utility Rates

Throughout the O’Malley administration, we here at Red Maryland have been covering Martin O’Malley’s failed promises to lower utility rates.

Befitting the end of the O’Malley administration is the announcement of the approval of the fourth BGE rate increase in four years.  As the Sun notes,

” For the average customer with both electric and gas service, the hike would add about $4 to their monthly bills.” 

Just last year, we shared the Change Maryland report regarding the ever increasing utility rates that Martin O’Malley promised to prevent.  Needless to say, the O’Malley administration received failing marks in every area.  The report noted the following with regard to utility rates:

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“Before O’Malley took office, the average per kilowatt-hour rate for residential electricity was 9.71 cents. As of August 2013, that cost has increased 43% to 13.89 cents. In addition, in December 2013, the PSC approved yet another BGE rate hike; the fourth in just three years.”

Now you can add this latest increase to this legacy.

Broken promises, false rhetoric, poor management, cronyism with “clean energy” providers and ever higher utility rates.

That is the O’Malley legacy.

Our video comparing the O’Malley rhetoric to the reality. We produced this years ago and it has only gotten more true.


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