The Radical Left Comes Out of Its Shell

The radical left is finally starting to emerge again in Maryland, after their ideas were rejected by Maryland’s voters.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, the Maryland Democratic Party seems to be taking a pass on defending their stances and their votes right now, leaving the Montgomery County Young Democrats as a lone voice in the woods. And their voice is, well, crazy:

Hogan’s Transition Team Sets a Disturbing Tone for Maryland’s Future

Silver Spring, MD – The Montgomery County Young Democrats (MCYD) are deeply concerned over Governor-elect Larry Hogan’s announcement yesterday of the six newest members of his transition team, who are firmly embedded in right-wing policy and corporate politics.

More than half of these new members – Blair Lee IV, a columnist for The Gazette; Marty Madden, a former Howard County Senator; State Senator Joe Getty of Carroll County; and Anirban Basu of Sage Policy Group – are on the record for supporting the elimination of the corporate tax, and opposing marriage equality, the repeal of the death penalty, raising the minimum wage, and reproductive rights. In an interview with the Washington Blade yesterday, Lee reaffirmed his vote against marriage equality, and his position that gay sex is a “mortal sin.”

Governor-elect Hogan is packing his transition team with consultants, legislators, and policy makers who are against the progress that Maryland has made over the past four years. In fact, voters affirmed much of this progress at the polls when the civil right to marriage equality and sensible, compassionate policies toward immigrant children in our state passed in 2012. His appointments set a disturbing tone for the future of our state in the next four years.

We, the Montgomery County Young Democrats, ask Governor-elect Hogan to remove Blair Lee IV from his transition team because of his extreme homophobic views that do not view all Marylanders as equal. We also ask Governor-elect Hogan to appoint members that represent the majority of Marylanders who voted for these progressive reforms that make our state more equal and fair for all. Our future depends on it.

The kicker at the bottom is how this outfit describes themselves.

MCYD is a 501(c)4 organization that seeks to attract and develop young people into caring agents of change who commit through political action to working for just and sustainable communities.

What’s funny about the MCYD piece on all of this is the fact that I didn’t exactly hear their voice on these kind of issues when Governor O’Malley was involved with them. I didn’t heard the MCYD’s speaking out against Governor O’Malley’s relationship with KO Public Affairs, who his cronyist agenda which embraced crony capitalism, corporatism, State Center, speed camera vendors  . I didn’t hear the MCYD’s speak out against the multitude of regressive taxes that Governor O’Malley and Maryland Democrats Championed for eight years. I didn’t even hear them speak out against the Democrats who opposed gay marriage, or even against Norman Stone who voted against interracial marriage.

As part of their “throw everything at the wall and see what sticks” tactic, they linked to a scanned copy of a 2001 article dealing with Martin Madden’s retirement from the State Senate, in which Democrats such as then Governor Parris Glendening and State Senate President Mike Miller praise him for his ability to work across the aisle. Hardly the kind of story that will portray somebody as “right-wing”.

The Montgomery County Young Democrats even got some anti-Catholic bigotry into their piece too. Their release says “Lee reaffirmed his vote against marriage equality, and his position that gay sex is a ‘mortal sin'”.

Here is the fell context of the quote from the original Gazette editorial written in 2012.

Question 6, same-sex marriage

This is ground zero in the culture wars between organized religion (and what’s left of our traditional values) versus the secular left. Will Maryland voters be the first in the nation to legalize same-sex marriage?

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Proponents argue that it’s a civil rights issue, that they have homosexual friends and family, that gay marriage doesn’t personally affect them or that the only way to appease the gay lobby is to redefine marriage.

Without apology, I’m voting “no.” My faith, Roman Catholic, teaches that homosexual sex is a mortal sin and, in my view, gay sex (two men engaged in anal intercourse) doesn’t rise to the dignity of marriage. To maintain a 2,000-year-old moral tradition, vote “no.”

So the Montgomery County Young Democrats misquoted Lee to say that *he* though it was a mortal sin, without the context that as a Roman Catholic his faith (and mine) teaches that this particular act is, in fact a mortal sin. Something, by the way, that Mr. Lee says nothing about taking legal action to outlet. Something, incidentally, Mr. Lee reaffirms in the same Washington Blade article that the MCYD’s link to in the first place.

“I voted against it, but now it’s the law and so the people have spoken,” he said. “It went to referendum. I understand that. I accept that.”

This entire press release is pretty much an attempt to get them publicity, which unfortunately for them I’m more than happy to give them. It’s nice to see that the radical left is starting to come out of its shell after the voters of Maryland reject them on November 4th. Unfortunately for Democrats it seems like only the Freshman team is on the field and the Varsity has yet to suit up….

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