The Bongino Factor

With all of the deserved attention being heaped on Larry Hogan’s big win, the success of another Red Maryland Guy also worthy of mention.

Dan Bongino wasn’t given a chance by many people to compete with John Delaney in the 6th Congressional District. Those of us who know him, however, knew that Dan was taking nothing for granted, and that there was no way that Dan was going to be outhustled by Delaney and his campaign team.

The fact that John Delaney had to put in $800,000 of his own money at the very last minute in order to get into this position, relying on absentee ballots to secure a second term, speaks volumes to how much ground Dan Bongino covered during this race.

Much like with Larry Hogan, Red Maryland was in on the ground floor with Dan. I’ve personally known Dan since 2008, before he even got involved with Brian Murphy’s 2010 Gubernatorial Campaign. Dan’s first radio interview as a U.S. Senate candidate in 2011 was on Red Maryland Radio the very day he announced his campaign. Twice we at Red Maryland have been proud to endorse Dan, both in his Senate and House races.

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Dan Bongino has a much different style than Larry Hogan, of course. He is much more direct, outspoken, and fiery than the Governor-elect. Fortunately, both their styles suit each other and, in a way, complement each other. And Dan has helped to prove that both styles can be effective even in the most liberal portions of the state. In a district that was drawn specifically to limit Republican chances at winning the seat, we are looking at a situation where absentee ballots are going to determine the outcome in the race. It’s a long, long way from where he started this run last year.

Given the opportunities that Dan may have in front of him, it’s hard to say where he will go from here. Hopefully, after the completion of the canvass, he will be heading off to Capitol Hill. But our party would be remiss if we didn’t take a look at how Dan Bongino has delivered his message to the people, and how a passionate conservative can do well in even the most liberal of locations.

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