Tari Moore’s True Colors

A lot of you may remember Cecil County Executive Tari Moore. Almost two years ago Moore, in an unprecedented showing of chutzpah and gall, switched her party affiliation from Republican to Indenpendent in order to circumvent the brand new Cecil County Charter and take the power of appointing her replacement on the Cecil County Council out of the hands of the duly elected Republican Central Committee. As I noted at the time, Tari Moore was unfit to serve the office, a position I still held to be true once she got her way and returned to the Republican Party last December.

Well, she returned to the Republican Party in name at least. Because as it turns out, Tari Moore has decided to endorse Democrat Courtney Watson in the race for Howard County Executive:

Loyalty in politics is something that people don’t take lightly. So the fact that Tari Moore has now a) quit on the Republican Party once and b) endorsed a Democrat in a tight and competitive race is a pretty odd way to show appreciation for the Maryland Republican Party spending resources on her General Election victory in 2012
Moore’s endorsement of Watson is merely the latest in a number of ways that she has insulted the Republican Party and insulted the primary voters who selected her as the party’s nominee in 2012. Between her end-run around the Cecil County Charter, her indifference toward the Cecil County Central Committee, and now her endorsement of Watson, it’s very clear that Tari Moore’s only loyalty is to Tari Moore. 
As I have stated before, I look forward to getting behind a Republican candidate who has some decency and some character to challenge Moore in the 2012 primary. And with the State Party Convention coming up in December, it may vary well be time to revisit the resolution to censure Moore that was tabled at the convention in December 2012.

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