Tari Moore All in on Courtney Watson

As reported at Red Maryland, Cecil County Executive Tari Moore endorsed left-wing Democrat Courtney Watson for Howard County Executive, in her campaign against moderate Republican nominee State Senator Allan Kittleman. Moorehas issued as response to those folks, like us, who were outranged that an ostensible Republican would endorse a left-wing Democrat.

Needless to say, Ms. Moore has never learned that when you’re already in a hole, quit digging. The response does not give one the impression that Tari Moore has any principles that she would need to abandon in order to make such a drastic endorsement.

Of course, you know that Tari Moore has always done what’s in her own selfish interests going back to her quitting the Republican Party for a year in order to circumvent the Cecil County Charter and deprive the Cecil County Republican Central Committee from their ability to select her replacement on the Cecil County Council.

The response was published through the Cecil County Patriots Facebook page, and there are screen captures attached, at the bottom.

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I have been shocked and appalled to read the comments regarding my endorsement of Courtney Watson, who is running for County Executive in Howard County.

Shocked, because I doubt any of you have even met Courtney, let alone worked with her as I have. Appalled, because judgement was passed without knowing any facts.

I know Courtney personally and have witnessed her leadership through the Maryland Association of Counties (MACo). She brought people together across party lines to dialogue and problem-solve, and worked hard to strengthen a struggling affiliate group of MACo. Those characteristics are essential qualities a good County Executive should have. My statement of support for her was based on my personal experiences and knowledge, and not an endorsement of her personal ideology.

Yes, Courtney is a Democrat, and she’s been endorsed by some organizations and people that hold positions that aren’t consistent with Republican Party positions. I’m not defending it, nor is it relevant – quite frankly, positions on gun control or abortion have nothing to do with the responsibilities or jurisdiction of a County Executive.

But one of the responsibilities of a County Executive IS providing the best possible economic environment to encourage business growth and job creation. Courtney not only has an MBA, but is a savvy business person with more than two decades of professional experience in the business community. More important is the fact that in Howard County, (despite the recession and a State with huge regulatory barriers) 12,000 private sector jobs have been created in the last five years (Courtney has served on Howard County’s Council for the last eight)…more than any other Maryland jurisdiction. They focus on technology, 3D manufacturing and growing new business at their Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship. Clearly, they’re doing something right. Not only do I want more insight on how and what they’re doing, I want to position Cecil County to share in their economic successes.

It’s no secret one of our community’s biggest challenges is job creation and economic development. With the geographic competitiveness of Delaware and Pennsylvania, our challenge is bigger than most. But it’s more critical than that. Without a viable and growing economic base, the tax burden on families will only increase, and eventually Cecil County will fail to be able to provide our most basic services. As County Executive, I need every tool in the tool box to ensure Cecil County will be equipped for the future.

People of every county expect their County Executive will do their absolute best for the people they serve. In order to accomplish that, I can’t sit on the sidelines or work in a political silo. Working with people from all sectors and political parties is the only way you can get things accomplished.

Several who have commented negatively on Facebook and other blogs on this matter have openly admitted you are voting for Democrats because you feel they are the best candidate for the job. To suggest I am less of a Republican or a conservative because I’ve endorsed someone who has a clear record of accomplishment and positive progress as an elected official in their community, but is not a Republican, is ridiculous.

Making decisions based purely upon blind allegiance to any Party or ideology is wrong for any elected official who has taken an oath to serve the people who elected them. Hyper-partisanship is a disease that is killing our country, and I, for one, am not going to participate.

This is not the first time I’ve made a decision that angered Party purists, but that is what my constituents deserve – decisions based upon what is best for them rather than decisions based upon what’s best for me, or the outcome of a future election. My loyalty always has been, and always will be, to do my best for the people I serve.



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