Ron Smithisms

June will be out of town for a spell so here’s a message for all her listeners.

But in the meantime, here is a list of some of Ron Smith’s best quotes–Smithisms if you will:

“The times are changing and people should know how and why.”

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“The powers-that-be are protecting people from the things that don’t harm them and subjecting them to the things that do.”

“Reality always wins in the end”.

“If you want to know who’s really in charge, ask yourself who can’t be criticized.”

“If your vote meant anything, they wouldn’t let you do it.”

“Follow the money…”

“All things end badly.”

“We need a Ministry of Truth. We’ll never have it and that’s the truth.”

“Hey, Big Gummint,  don’t tell me what not to do.”

“I swallowed a lexicon as a child and I’ve been spitting it out, word by word, ever since.”

“Whatever you talk about, someone out there knows more than you do.”

About all the WBAL Ron Smith cruises: “IT’s an opportunity to take your audience with you.”

“Ah, the penalties of a value oriented upbringing and a high IQ!”

“There is no dark side of the June.”

“And everyone thought Vonnegut was making it up.”

“What is a mere individual to do? Live a sane and decent life, love your family and your friends and understand that everybody is in this together.”

“Demographics is destiny.”

“Don’t think of the glass as half empty. Think of it as having room for more scotch.”

To June: “You are the very Vulcan of coherence.”

“Another day of hitch hiking on the road to riches.”

“Daddy kicked ass today!”

“That ain’t a tattoo.”

“Like Django Reinhardt, ‘I don’t work, I appear.’”

“I will not join in their folly merely to be polite.”

“Whatever you subsidize, you will get more of it.”

“We are not getting a Ferrari as a family car.”

“You can’t smoke dope every day and make change.”

At a party: “It’s too late to leave early.”

“Nobody looks good in a mugshot.”

To June: “I love your insanity. It’s an inspiration to me!.”

About travel: “Thwarted naps, bewildering breakfasts.”

To June (about a new recipe): “It was a splendid representative of its ilk.”

“If I’d known I was sick, I would have felt better.”


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