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Judicial Hijinks in Montgomery County

Daniel Patrick Connell

A bizarre story is coming out of Montgomery County, where a candidate for Circuit Court Judge is claiming to be a Republican. But he’s not.

Daniel Patrick Connell is one of the candidates who is running for Circuit Court Judge. There are four incumbents running, and one of them is Judge Audrey Creighton. You may have heard about her a few months ago when she was involved in her own bizarre case where she filed assault and kidnapping charges against an ex-Felon she had defended back in 2008, and was now involved in an intimate relationship with him.

The contention deals with the sample ballot in Montgomery County. To make a long story short, both Democrats and Republicans are promoting that the sitting judges be retained, but the Republicans left off Judge Creighton. That doesn’t sit well with Connell, who (with the way our juducial system is) won the Republcian Primary, and is claiming to be a Republican whom the party has abandoned because they didn’t replace Creighton on the sample ballot with him.

Bethesda Beat has more on the story.

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“Supporters” of Connell, however, have not gone quietly. They have taken to Twitter in an effort to bring attention to accusations that Montgomery County Republicans have abandoned him and claims that the Montgomery County GOP is supportng Creighton:


Oddly, the account of @CommunityLobby is claims to be a “Chartered non-profit, licensed General Contractor with the Maryland MHIC #129870 Rebuild Our Commons!.” They are engaging in political activities, so “chartered non-profit” may not last for much longer, even if they are a legit organization.

Based on this social media blitz, Montgomery County Central Committee Chairman Michael Higgs released a statement to Central Committee members, which I obtained a copy of, detailing more of the situation:

Greetings fellow MCGOP CC Members,

We spoke last night about the situation regarding Dan Connell’s campaign’s actions, and now the story has taken a new turn. Our research had uncovered that Dan Connell is a registered Democrat. Dan Connell’s ill-tempered helicopter mom is an Obama donor. Don’t be fooled into their false narrative that they are Republicans being abandoned by their own party. They are frauds, and we need to be on the lookout for their shenanigans.

I am being targeted by a supporter of theirs on twitter by the name of @CommunityLobby. This account appears to be a front for a progressive leftist community organization. There is nothing Republican about them or their tactics. I am resisting the urge to respond directly to my Twitter troll, but if any of you feel compelled to respond … Their candidate has no verifiable history of working in Montgomery County, has no training related to serving as a judge, has not undergone a thorough background check that every appointed judge endures, and has no history of ever doing anything for the Republican Party. We are under attack by these people, and while we all wish they would just go away, that does not appear to be happening.

Do not accept Connell literature at your tables, do not give them sample ballots for them to unlawfully deface, and do not give them access to our HQ.

Thank you,
Michael Higgs

A bizarre election for sure, and unfortunately one that definitely fuels the fire of some of those who want to take away our ability to have contested Judicial elections.

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