How Taxpayers Help Pay for the Democratic Ground Game

This Friday, schools across Maryland will be closed for “professional development.”

It is not coincidental that on this “Professional Development” day, teachers from across the state will be traveling to Ocean City for the Maryland State Education Association Convention.

Join thousands of your colleagues from across the state in Ocean City on October 17-18 for the 2014 MSEA Convention: Our Profession. Our Association. Our Voice. 

Some of the workshops that are being offered Friday are of relevance to professional development and teaching, however some of them aren’t. Friday afternoon at 1 PM, for example, will be this workshop which deals with “professional development.”

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How Do We Get What We Want? Organize!
Join us for this special session on organizing successfully in your building and local, whether the issue is professional, political, or your principal. This highly interactive session will be led by NEA organizing guru Floyd Cox, and will begin Friday at 1 p.m. in the Bayfront Ballroom. You won’t want to miss it!

So on Friday afternoon as part of “professional development” teachers will get the opportunity to learn union organizing skills that they will need to, in part, try to help elect Anthony Brown and other Democrats this November.

Of course since this is “professional development”, this is a paid work day for teachers who attend the convention. That means that your tax dollars will be used to pay for teachers to learn union organizing skills to work on behalf of Democratic candidates.

As for teachers who don’t wish to attend the convention? They have to go through with their professional development the old fashioned way.

So to recap, schools will be closed on Friday for a professional development day that exists mainly to allow for teachers who are also union activists to engage in union building activities to prepare to help Anthony Brown and Democrats at the ballot box on Election Day. Taxpayer dollars are helping to pay for training that will help Teacher’s Union activists, who of course have Election Day off, to get out the vote for the Democrats.

Obviously, the teachers union has every right to organize a convention. However, the idea that the convention should be held on a weekday, that schools should be closed so people can attend it, and that those who wish to attend should get credit for a paid workday for going, is frankly insulting to the voters of Maryland and goes against the idea that the teachers union is working on behalf of the children of our state. Instead of teaching this Friday, union activists will get paid to go to what amounts to a Democratic Party rally instead,

This is the kind of culture that we need to fix here in our state.

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