Controversial Former Candidate Running Ferrar’s Campaign

An interesting tidbit appeared in this Capital story from yesterday about House of Delegates Candidate Chuck Ferrar:

Ferrar combines support for increased transportation funding and local implementation of a stormwater management fee with business acumen he says will help bring jobs to Maryland. He hired former Annapolis mayoral candidate Zina Pierre to run his campaign and said he possesses the ability to compromise when revising legislation.

What the story failed to mention, of course, is Zina Pierre’s checkered history.

In 2009, Zina Pierre was the Democratic nominee for Mayor of Annapolis. At least she was briefly. For you see, Zina Pierre was forced off the ticket as the Democratic nominee due to a personal financial scandal. As Paul Foer reported at the time:

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Zina Celestine Pierre, the recent upset winner in the Democratic Primary for Mayor, has a lengthy history of legal troubles that have repeatedly landed her in court for issues such as mortgage foreclosure, tax lien and a credit union judgment.

According to state records easily available online, Zina C. Pierre is listed as a defendant in 18 civil lawsuits and 3 traffic cases in Prince Georges County, the earliest being 1990 and the most recent two being filed in March of 2009. In all cases she is the defendant. 

Five of the civil lawsuits are listed as still active and involve a mortgage foreclosure, a credit union judgment against her (over $6,000), a State of Maryland tax lien ($653), another approximate $6,000 judgment against her and what looks like her company, and another lien. These are just the active and open lawsuits. Among those listed as closed are lawsuits involving Hecht’s and Jaguar Land Rover of Annapolis.

This is whom Chuck Ferrar entrusted his campaign for the House of Delegates, which certainly brings into question the judgment that he would bring to the State House if he were to somehow be elected. To say nothing of how uncomfortable it must be for Ferrar and Speaker Mike Busch to work together since Busch helped to throw Pierre under the bus back in ’09…..

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