The DGA ‘s End of the Quid Pro Quo

Last week I wrote about the Anthony Brown campaign and its effort to create imaginary positions for Larry Hogan on corporate taxes and mandatory Pre-K education.

Well, the Democratic Governor’s Association has doubled-down on that effort with their new ad today:

What’s interesting of course is the fact that the DGA went ahead with this ad despite the fact that the Hogan campaign has already demanded that Brown’s original ad stop airing due to its blatant falsehoods.

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What’s less surprising though is that the DGA would come to bat for the O’Malley-Brown Administration once again. Given the amount of money that Martin O’Malley raised in his formal role as Chairman of the DGA, combined with the cronyism racket that O’Malley was running by awarding state contracts to large DGA donors, it makes sense that the DGA would ride to O’Malley’s rescue in an effort to protect his legacy. The DGA was the benefactor one of the many shakedowns that seem to happen here in the Banana Republic.

Of course the DGA using the same line of attack could lead one to suggest that there was a level of coordination between the DGA and the O’Malley campaign. But more on that later…..

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