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Red Star All Over

I was surprised to discover this morning that the Maryland Democratic Party official Instagram Account was following me. I was less surprised that when they did, the Democrats decided to comment on a three month old photo from the Larry Hogan primary victory celebration.

I was much more surprised, when I was perusing the list of accounts that they were following, to see this:

You’ll notice that the very first account listed that the Maryland Democratic Party official Instagram Account is following is an account called “communism_redstar“,  And you’ll note that the accompanying images all glorify Communism and the murderous types who implemented it.

I have absolutely not idea why the Democrats would follow such an account from their “official” Instagram site, but I’d sure be curious to hear their reasoning….

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UPDATE: Less than one hour after this post was published, the Maryland Democratic Party account unfollowed “communism_redstar.”

The Maryland Democratic Party hasn’t given a heck of a lot of indiciation as to why they were following an account glorifying communism in the first place.

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