A-skewering We Will Go – Ray Rice Destruction Continues

                          Richard E. Vatz

                       Is it possible that so few people can see what the over-skewering of       

                   Ray Rice and his wife Janay Palmer Rice says about the perpetrators

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                   of the skewering?

                       Just some observations to add to my previous column on this


                  This buying back of Ray Rice sweatshirts is a smarmy, vindictive

                  smack down of an undilutedly contrite man who made a horrible

             error, an error for which he will suffer, but enough, people.

                          The ganging up on Roger Goodell, Commissioner of the National

                     Football League, whose error-free press conference continued sincere


                     efforts to rectify the problem of domestic violence among NFLers,
profes           was as unseemly as it was unjustifiable and 

                     predictable.  So many critics, enjoying their newfound spotlight, are

                angry anew by the fact that Goodell would not discuss details of

                    matters under appeal, matters his attorneys have told him not to

                    discuss publicly.

                         To the Professionally Outraged: please spare us in the future any

                    claim regarding how “if only there had been sincere contrition” the

                    problem would have been solved early on.  Really?  How far has that

                    gotten Ray Rice, save his initial (admittedly clumsy – no, he is no

                    professional orator) comments, again constrained by sound legal


                                 There have been just a few responsible pundits – WBAL Radio’s

                         Keith Mills and Jamison Hensley are as excellent a team for analysis

                         and judgment as I have ever heard, and not just on the Ray Rice case.

                           Those who want yet more pounds of flesh, you are an

                     embarrassment to decent discourse over public issues regarding even

                     unacceptable, outrageous behavior, but in this case outrageous

                     behavior for which there has been no evidence that it has a history. 

                           The victim, Janay Palmer Rice, has pleaded for you to stop

                       already, but you don’t really care much about her suffering at this  


                        Professor Vatz is author of The Only Authentic Book of Persuasion           

                       (Kendall Hunt, 2013)

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