Peroutka to Conservatives: Drop Dead

There have been quite a few conservatives who have been rushing to defend Michael Peroutka in recent weeks. To be fair, several of them are people with inferiority complexes, but often “well meaning” conservatives have been defending Peroutka and say that he will be a good “conservative” councilman.

Michael Peroutka seems to disagree with you: 

If this is a fairly good profile of your beliefs then you probably think that conservative politicians and conservative leaders are on your side. 

They are not. 

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You see, as it turns out in real life, conservatism is not the opposite of liberalism. Conservatism is not even a political philosophy. Properly understood, conservatism is really only a reaction to a political philosophy, and a very weak one at that. 

By growling a while but then giving in to the advances of their supposed enemy, Conservatives only solidify the never ending gains of their big government, socialist, liberal brothers.

So Michael Peroutka is running as a conservative Republican when he in actuality hates conservatives and, based on his run as a Constitution Parry candidate in 2004, seems to only find an arrangement if convenience in being a registered Republican. 
I’m desperately trying to understand why some mainstream conservatives don’t have a problem with that.

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