An Invitation to Debate

The editors of Red Maryland would like to publicly and formally invite Lt. Governor Anthony Brown and Larry Hogan to debate on the Thursday, October 2nd episode of Red Maryland Radio beginning at 8 PM.

The debate, which would be broadcast live on the Red Maryland Network, would be a sixty minute debate moderated by the editors. The questions would be selected from stories and issues that are of importance to Maryland’s middle and working class families, particularly as it relates to taxes, spending, and job creation here in the State of Maryland.

We are understanding of the fact that the Brown-Ulman campaign has already proposed a series of three-debates to the Hogan-Rutherford Campaign. However, we were not the only individuals to notice that the Brown-Ulman team focused on debates that would ensure questions and conditions more favorable to Lt. Governor Brown’s chances.

Brown Campaign proposes 2 TV debates and 1 on radio w/ Hogan. WBAL TV and WBAL radio not invited. Brown must be afraid of tough questions
— David Collins (@dcollinsWBAL) July 3, 2014

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We are also understanding of the fact that Lt. Governor Brown does not like to be asked questions in an uncontrolled environment….

….which is why we are asking the Lt. Governor to agree to  debate Larry Hogan in a format where here will be asked tough and questions and where reporters will be free to use the restroom without an escort.

Some may find it odd that an outfit such as Red Maryland would offer to serve as the moderator of a debate between the Democratic and Republican candidates for Governor. After all, Red Maryland is recognized as Maryland’s Conservative Voice and the organization endorsed Larry Hogan before he ever entered the gubernatorial race.  However, the idea of Red Maryland hosting a debate can’t be any less ludicrous than the idea that the Brown campaign seriously proposed holding a debate on Larry Young’s radio program given that Mr. Young is a former Democratic Delegate and State Senator who is the only State Senator kicked out of office since the 1700’s in a cloud of scandal due to a “breach of the public trust” that is rampant with the Democratic Culture of Corruption in Annapolis.

If Lt. Governor Brown wishes to debate Larry Hogan on a Democratic radio show, it is only fair that he be willing to come and debate him on a Republican show as well. This will give the Editors of Red Maryland the opportunity to ask the Lt. Governor lots questions on topics that other debate moderators lack the courage to ask, including:

We look forward to hearing from the campaigns and encourage them to contact us by email or by phone at (410) 205-4875 to finalize plans for holding this debate.

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