Trent Kittleman Believes In “All 10 Amendments” Or Something

Here’s a mailer from Trent Kittleman, Republican candidate for House of Delegates in District 9A.

The piece says she believes in “All 10 Amendments.”  Presumably, she means the Bill of Rights i.e., the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution.

Just the ten? What about the other 17 amendments?

As a homebrewer, I’d like to know if she does not believe in the 21st amendment and wants to return to the day of prohibition.

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Kittleman’s mailer also states her position on issues as:

“NO NEW TAXES or TAX INCREASES unless and until the structural deficit is eliminated”

So Kittleman is okay with new taxes and tax hikes as long as the structural deficit is eliminated?

Set that open door to new taxes aside. To eliminate the structural deficit–the chronic imbalance between spending and revenue–means getting spending under control.

Given her endorsement by the Maryland State Teachers Association, it’s not entirely clear Kittleman favors reigning in spending.  To get the MSEA endorsement Kittleman had to support in whole or in part five MSEA criteria, four of which included increased K-12 education funding and school construction funds.

School construction funds are raised through issuing bond debt. State debt payments are paid with revenue from the state property tax.  As this legislative analysis of the state’s FY 2015 budget shows, we are on a collision course with a property tax hike.

Debt Service Costs Exceed State Property Tax Revenues: General obligation (GO) bond debt service costs are supported by the Annuity Bond Fund (ABF). The fund’s largest revenue source is from the State property tax. Over the next few years, State property tax revenues are estimated to remain fairly flat. This contrasts with debt service costs, which are expected to increase steadily in the out-years. General funds or property tax increases will be needed to support debt service costs. The State Treasurer should be prepared to respond to questions the committees have about the status of the ABF.

Annual debt payments are scheduled to reach $557 million over the next four years.

Kittleman’s, incomplete, rambling, barely coherent responses to the MSEA candidate questionnaire leave the reader unsure if she opposes the increased spending and higher taxes that come with MSEA’s priorities. 

That’s why Red Maryland endorsed Warren Miller for District 9A.  You will always know where he stands on issues spending and taxes.

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