Red Maryland Endorsement Recap

Red Maryland endorsed nine candidates in primay elections this year, with six of those candidates winning and three of those candidates losing.

  • Larry Hogan: won the Republican nomination for Governor with 43% of the vote;
  • Dan Bongino; won the nomination for Congress in the 6th district by an 84.05%-15.95%;
  • Bill Campbell was unopposed for the Republican nomination for Comptroller;
  • Delegate Michael Hough easily dispatched Senate Minority Leader David Brinkley in the 4th District by a margin of 67.83%-32.17%;
  • Delegate Justin Ready cruised to re-election, easily leading the way in District 5 with 25.05% of the vote;
  • Delegate Warren Miller paced Republicans in District 9A with 29.26 percent of the vote.
Three other candidates we endorsed, Darren Wigfield in District 3B, Carol Loveless in District 9B, and Brian Chisholm in District 31B, were not succesful. But they ran hard, aggressive, and worthwhile campaigns. We were proud to stand with them in the efforts and look forward to seeing what they do next. All three of them have bright futures in the party and in the conservative movement in this state and we look forward to great things from there.
Since we started this process in 2010, our record of endorsing succesful candidates remains at 74%.

With all of the primary campaigning behind us, it’s onward and upward toward victory on November 4th.

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