One Graph Explains Anthony Brown’s Response to Hogan’s “Most Incompetent Man” Ad

There’s a reason the Anthony Brown and the drones at the Maryland Democratic Party are ginning up faux outrage over one photo in Larry Hogan’s “Most Incompetent Man” attack ad.  And this graph explains it.

For all of Brown’s paens to Maryland’s working families and “making a better Maryland for more Marylanders” or something, he can’t escape the fact that he was the number two man in an administration that oversaw a a dramatic reduction in the size of Maryland’s middle class.

According to data from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, as compiled by the Washington Post, Maryland’s middle class has shrunk significantly during the O’Malley era. A Post graphic shows that the number of households earning between $25,000 and $100,000 a year shrunk by nearly 38,000 between the 2007-2009 three-year period and 2010-2012. 

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Of course, Brown can’t refute this record (chronicled in the ad) that produced this economic outcome, so he spins up some fake outrage and the Baltimore Sun editorial board barks like a good Pavlovian dog.

If only there was an alternative voice on its opinion page to counter that…but I digress

Here’s the ad once again for good measure.

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