Maryland Had Zero Percent GDP Growth in 2013

New data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis shows Maryland had zero growth in gross domestic product (GDP), a standard measure of economic activity and health.

Yet another data point in the the cold hard reality of Maryland’s dismal business climate.

That is why Governor O’Malley has been pushing the farcical Genuine Progress Indicator, which measures everything but economic vitality, in order to prop up his wobbly Potemkin Village of “One Maryland.”

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Another troubling aspect of this new program is the possibility that it will be used to simply paper over economic statistics the administration dislikes.  Under O’Malley, Maryland is falling further and further behind competitors in the region and across the country according to legitimate organizations, and objective, accepted and proven measures.

Maryland has lost 6,500 businesses and 31,000 members of taxpayer households between 2007 and 2010, which puts Maryland at or near the bottom of the region.  The loss of 36,000 jobs since 2007 also cements Maryland’s place as a regional laggard in economic performance.  These numbers come from the U.S. Census Bureau, the IRS and the Department of Labor, respectively.  But they are not part of the Genuine Progress Indicator.  This is an effort to throw out real economic reports and adopt a radical propaganda campaign inspired by the failed model of central economic planning.

Nationally, the GPI agenda is pushed by groups such as New York-based Demos, a liberal public policy non-profit that describes itself as dedicated to “empowering the public sector” and that advocates “re-thinking American capitalism as it exists today.”

 O’Malley, and his hand-picked-by-the-machine successor Anthony Brown aren’t interested in a true accounting of their economic policies.  If they were, they’d find that their record doesn’t match their rhetoric.

As Maryland’s economy has withered, the middle class O’Malley-Brown claims to champion, has shrunk.

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