Congratulations to Mike Hough

We’ve been fans of Mike Hough since his initial run for office against Vichy Republican Charles “I’d like for you to think I’m Chuck” Jenkins. Mike is a hard worker and a reliable and principled conservative voice in Annapolis.

His defeat of David Brinkley is welcome. Brinkley has, for years, essentially been a Democrat running under the Republican label. In recent years he’s jettisoned whatever Republican, much less conservative, principles he may have once espoused and become a reliable vote for more taxes and more government.

To a great extent, Brinkley has only himself to blame for his demise. Not only was he out of step with the voters in his district, but, if stories are to be believed, it was Brinkley’s determination to eliminate– or at least make life difficult for– Hough by encouraging if not actually recruiting a primary challenger for him that precipitated the decision by Hough to run for the senate seat held by Brinkley. If true, this is a classic political own goal.

We don’t expect Mike to change Annapolis but we have to start somewhere in holding the Maryland Democrats to account for their failed leadership and governance and you don’t do that by being a Mike Miller Mini-Me like Brinkley.

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