Warren Miller for House of Delegates

Here’s what we wrote about Del. Warren Miller in his last campaign for House of Delegates:

He goes to Annapolis not only to kill bad bills, but push for good legislation as well…Whether it is protecting small business from the ravages of burdensome regulation or dragging state government into the light of transparency Warren Miller is the kind of man we need in Annapolis.

That has not changed. 
You always know where Warren Miller stands: a steward and advocate for the proper use of taxpayer money, and a sentinel for transparency and good government.
Miller was lead sponsor of the bill that gave us the Maryland Funding Accountability and Transparency a crucial transparency tool for tracking state spending.
His goals do not end at shedding light on waste, fraud, and abuse, in state government, but on holding those who commit them accountable and fixing the problem.  During the 2014 legislative session Miller sponsored a bill that would create an independent office of the Inspector General to inspect state agency performance, and identify and correct the incompetence, inefficiencies, and waste that cost taxpayers billions of dollars.
Last, and certainly not least, Warren Miller is a reliable and dependable vote against increased spending and tax hikes. 

Red Maryland endorses Warren Miller for Maryland House of Delegates District 9A.  Contribute to Warren’s campaign here.

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