The Case of NBC and the Myth of Anti-Conservative Uniformity at the Mainstream Media Newsdesks


–Richard E. Vatz

     It has long been frustrating to this professor, who taught a course called Media Criticism at Towson University for precisely 20 years, to hear claims of media bias ladled evenly among the major news broadcasts.
     What this accomplishes is the dilution of the accusations, which leads people to believe that none or all of the major networks are equally guilty of consistently biased reporting.
     Permit just one observer to say that although CNN and ABC are progressively biased, they have periodic paroxysms of disinterested and even conservative investigations/analysis/analysts and serious attempts, especially CNN at times and even ABC, especially when George F. Will was a regular on “This Week.” An opinion I have written elsewhere is that CBS has some of the finest journalism I have seen, a far cry from the days of Dan Rather and Katie Couric and even Walter Cronkite.
     NBC is the most consistently conservative-hostile network, with David Gregory on “Meet the Press,” unwilling or unable to ask a follow-up question to Administrative-friendly guests, Brian Williams’ consistent Democratic bias in agenda and spin, and, worst of all, due to his pretense of being disinterested, Chuck Todd.
     Apropos of the controversy surrounding one of the most indisputably damning pieces of evidence on the Benghazi matter — a recent revelation of an e-mail withheld — revealing a sustained cover-up — to then-Ambassador Susan Rice, urging her not to dilute her talking points to the effect that anti-Islamic videos were the cause of the attack that led to the murder of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans in Libya, Mr. Todd actually said this on MSNBC: 

     “You can’t have a rational debate about Benghazi because it quickly becomes [an uninformative verbal fight]…the White House was overly sensitive in trying to manipulate the spin within the 48-72 hours and at the same time actually believed that a video was involved…it’s more than likely that both things are true in this case…if this is a smoking gun, it’s not a very effective gun, and it’s not clear that they found anything.”
     This apology for the White House which maintains the video fiction — for weeks following the attacks President Obama and other Democrats attributed the killings to an anti-Muslim tape, and one year laterSecretary Hillary Clinton’s bizarre “We have 4 dead Americans…what difference does it make? Was it because of a protest or because 4 people were out for a walk?”– is in my experience the most negative comment Mr. Todd has made of the Obama Administration.
     Utterly prototypical of NBC and Mr. Todd. 
     Don’t equate the bias in all networks; NBC has the least journalistic integrity consistently.
Professor Vatz teaches political persuasion at Towson University

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