O’Malley’s Reddit FAIL

Governor Martin O’Malley did a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) yesterday, and he fared about as well as his health insurance exchange.
Politicians and celebrities have all done AMAs, where they answer questions from Reddit users, who in turn assign up or down votes. As of this morning O’Malley’s AMA is rated 61 percent positive with 3,984 upvotes and 2,520 downvotes.
O’Malley left and returned to the AMA several times during the day.
While the current score appears O’Malley had a successful AMA, in reality O’Malley tanked.
Twitchy compiled Twitter responses to O’Malley’s AMA, which included these gems.

The Baltimore City Paper noted that early on negative comments “outweighed the positive by a wide margin”  O’Malley received downvotes for his answers on the gas tax, redistricting, guns, and the gas tax.  He received upvotes for his answers on marijuana and schools.
One question O’Malley left unanswered specifically referenced last week’s Gallup poll—first covered at the Quinton Report and Red Maryland—showing 47 percent of Marylanders want to leave the state. 
In that same vein, a Reddit user asked O’Malley “are more people moving to your state or moving out of your state?”
O’Malley responded, “more people are moving to Maryland.”

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O’Malley’s answer is simply not true.  Maryland is experiencing an overall out-migration.  Data from the Tax Foundation, IRS, and ALEC show a net outflow of residents and income.  According to the latest Rich States, Poor States report Maryland ranked 42nd in domestic migration with 123,674 residents leaving Maryland between 2003-2012.
O’Malley also fibbed in his response to a gas tax question.

Of course he did raid the Transportation Trust Fund three times to the tune of $868 million, while taking $771 in federal infrastructure stimulus dollars and spending it on other stuff.

In another answer O’Malley stated he made a “combination of cuts and revenue measures” to fix the budget.  That again is not true.  O’Malley has not cut the budget. In fact it has grown by over $10 billion since he took office, while taxes have increased by $9.5 billion.  He also neglected to mention that in return for those record investment in Maryland’s “#1 rated schools” have some of the worst disparity gaps in the nation. 

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