Lollar/Timmerman ticket contradicting themselves on marijuana decriminilization

This morning, all of the GOP candidates for Governor debated the issues for about an hour on WBAL.  The complete audio is available here.

About fifteen minutes into the debate, a question regarding the decriminilization of marijuana was raised.  All the candidates opposed both legalization and decriminilization, except one.  Charles Lollar’s answer seemed to contradict his stated position from his website.  The Lollar website states:

“Its popularity notwithstanding, marijuana is a gateway drug and it does affect those that use it – some more than others. I also understand that its widespread recreational use has reached “Prohibition proportions,” and I am concerned for those who choose to take the risks associated with it. For example, I am concerned that those parents who smoke it in their homes may well be adversely affecting their children by the primary or secondary smoke with its added narcotic effect.
Beyond marijuana, I am greatly concerned about the use and abuse of so many other drugs, in particular the rise in heroin use.  Our Nation’s drug control laws continue to fail, because our people – members of family, friends, neighbors, or generally in our community – continue to buy drugs illegally and abuse them, often to their own detriment and that of their families.
The answer is not simple any more. At a time when the Maryland economy is faltering, and our state government continues to harm Maryland first through wrong-headed tax and spend policies, the last thing we need is to embark on another potentially catastrophic social experiment that could do lasting damage to an entire generation of our young people.
Therefore, I do not support legalization of marijuana, except for prescribed medical needs, and believe the General Assembly erred in passing legislation in this direction this year.  I am sure, however, this debate will continue and as Governor, I will thoughtfully engage.”
[emphasis added].  Given that the “passing legislation in this direction this year” was marijuana decriminilzation, it seems the Lollar/Timmerman ticket pretty clearly opposed {calling it an error} marijuana decriminilization.  
This makes Mr. Lollar’s answer this morning on the issue surprising to say the least. At 17:25 in this audio, Mr. Lollar states
“[Lollar]: There must be a separation between or at least an understanding between decriminalization and illegal. I will not make marijuana illegal. I will consider the decriminalization of marijuana.  We know this that this disproportionately across many of our communities in this state that arrests are made based upon specified amounts and depending on what those amounts are I would I would look at decriminalizing marijuana. For many reasons. Because I believe, number one it is the right thing to do. but then number two, it will help many of our public servants specifically our sheriffs and state and local police it will help them be able to have one more arsenal in their tool belt to ensure they can keep the peace and keep justice and keep us safe. So no I will not legalize it but I will consider the decriminalization of marijuana within certain specified amounts.”
[emphasis mine].  Now this certainly sounds like a contradiction of the decriminlization passed this year being an error which is why the following response occurred on twitter.

Wow @Charles_Lollar now favors decriminalizing marijuana.
— GregoryKline (@GregoryKline) May 3, 2014

Ken Timmerman, the LG candidate on the Lollar ticket insisted I should not trust my lying ears:

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@GregoryKline @Charles_Lollar No he doesn’t. And no we don’t. That’s for the record. And on the record, many many times.
— KenTimmerman (@KenTimmerman) May 3, 2014

And it went downhill from there:

@KenTimmerman So I guess you weren’t listening to the debate Ken? Because that’s clearly what he just said. @GregoryKline @Charles_Lollar
— Jackie Wellfonder (@Wellfonder) May 3, 2014

@KenTimmerman @Charles_Lollar Ken he just said on the radio that he favors decriminalizing of marijuana.
— GregoryKline (@GregoryKline) May 3, 2014

Best debate right now is between Lollar and Timmerman over the campaign’s position on pot.
— GregoryKline (@GregoryKline) May 3, 2014

@KenTimmerman @BrianGriffiths @Charles_Lollar Listen to what he said Ken. We are not making anything up. Why I said wow when I heard it
— GregoryKline (@GregoryKline) May 3, 2014

I am sure an apology is just around the corner.  Here is how the Lollar camp left it:

@GregoryKline we will post the audio later today. Our position is on our website. We are working w law enforcement on this.
— KenTimmerman (@KenTimmerman) May 3, 2014

Nothing new on the website yet.  Guess we will have to wait to see how the Lollar camp spins an obvious flip-flop on a very high profile issue in this year’s session and the election.

I suspect we will hear the word “evolution” which seems to be all the rage these days.

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