Hogan Campaign: Full Steam Ahead

In case you missed it, the Hogan for Governor campaign released an internal poll today showing what we have known all along: that Larry Hogan has a fantastic shot to be our next Governor.

The poll shows that Hogan trails Lt. Governor Anthony Brown in a hypothetical matchup 42%-35%, with 23 percent undecided. That’s an improvement over the 46%-32% lead Brown had back in September.

When doing a blind comparison of the resumes of Hogan and Brown, Hogan’s resume leads Brown’s 46%-45%, with 11% undecided.

People who are veterans of the political process will take this poll with a grain of salt; I’ve been critical of polls before, both internal polls as well as polls with this kind of sample size. However, there are a few things that we can deduce from this poll:

  • The Hogan Campaign’s strategy of reaching out beyond the Republican Party echo chamber is working;
  • The Hogan Campaign is the only candidate that either has an internal poll they are willing to release OR is the only campaign that has the resources to conduct an internal poll; and,
  • Larry Hogan is extremely well positioned to compete if not win on November 4th.
On December 12th when we announced our endorsement of Larry Hogan, we wrote “we will continue to ascribe to the Buckley Rule and support the most viable right candidate who can win. And that candidate is Larry Hogan.”  We stand firm behind our assessment from six months ago and look forward helping the Hogan Campaign succeed this November.

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