Charles Lollar’s Three Stances on the Purple Line

Last Saturday Greg chronicled Charles Lollar’s inconsistency with his own stance on marijuana decriminalization. This week, apparently Lollar has three different stances on the Purple Line in Montgomery County too.

According to Erin Cox’s article in today’s Baltimore Sun, Lollar is against it;

Charles Lollar, a business executive from Charles County, also has called for phasing out the personal income tax over five years, and he wants to eliminate what he called “multibillion-dollar boondoggles like the Purple Line.”

But according to this February 19th article entitled ” Maryland’s Gubernatorial Contenders Agree: The Purple Line Must Be Built”, Lollar seemed to be for it at the Purple Line NOW! forum:

Republican Charles Lollar said he supports using a P3 for the Purple Line. 

“It helps to secure future funding now to be used for projects like the Purple Line and other projects outside of transportation,” he said. “How those funds are used and monitored is very important to me.”

(You can watch the video of this forum, along with the remarks where Lollar left the door open to tax increases, by clicking here)
But according to the Gazette, he might be ambivelant:

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Charles Lollar, the only Republican candidate at the forum, said he understands the potential of the Purple Line project, but did not take a more specific position.

So what’s Lollar’s real position on the Purple Line? Well, it seems to be hard to nail down and it might be dependent on what audience he is speaking in front of at any particular time. But this does seem to be a disturbing trend with the Lollar campaign in that the campaign doesn’t necessarily agree with its own position on important issues facing Maryland taxpayers.

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