Carol Loveless for House of Delegates

Legislative redistricting split District 9A (Howard County) in two, giving us a new House district (9B), encompassing large swaths of Ellicott City.  Two candidates are running for the Republican nomination for House of Delegates in 9B, business owner Carol Loveless, and former delegate and Secretary of Transportation Bob Flanagan.  
Carol is a small business owner, who understands all to well the job-killing, harsh climate business climate created by the Democratic machine. 
Faced with an enormous unemployment insurance tax bill—because the Democrats had just increased the tax—Carol, who owns a local security firm, had to lay off an employee to keep her small business afloat.  Her first thought was “How many people just lost their jobs because of this?” 
A legislator with just this type of private sector experience, someone who knows how bad policy kills jobs and hurts small business, is exactly what we need more of in Annapolis. 
Carol stands for cutting spending, reducing taxes across the board, not picking winners and losers through subsidizing politically favored industries with our tax dollars, and she is four square against pork barrel bond bills.
Bob Flanagan, is a good man, but he has had his turn and as Secretary of Transportation he presided over $200 million in Transportation Trust Fund raids, $169 million in increased MVA fees, and a agency budget that grew 16 percent.
We love jobs and less taxes, which is why, Red Maryland endorses Carol Loveless for Maryland House of Delegates 9B!

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