MDGOP Spring Convention Notebook

This frankly was probably one of the more uneventful MDGOP Conventions that we have seen in a long time.

For a flavor of Friday night’s events, I’ll direct you to our marathon broadcast from Friday night, where Greg, Mark, and Andrew held down the fort for almost three hours. It was clearly the most happening spot of the night during that part of the convention.

I was in the Executive Committee meeting in my capacity as Young Republicans Chairman. No real major business was conducted, though we discussed Kevin Waterman’s proposed bylaw amendment, announced Trey Gowdy as the Speaker of this year’s Red White and Blue Dinner, and had cake for Chairman Diana Waterman’s birthday.

After that and the broadcast wound down, the hospitality suites were sparse. The Liberty Campaign and the Charles Lollar campaign had events earlier in the evening, which left only three other suites; Craig/Haddaway, the Montgomery County Central Committee, and a young conservative candidates event organized by Eugene Craig.

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Saturday morning I didn’t arrive until about 9:30. I know that former Lt. Governor Michael Steele spoke at breakfast about minority outreach. I went up to the Hogan breakfast event which took place on Saturday morning and had some delicious Chick-fil-a.

The convention itself was rather uneventful, except for a few things:

  • The Central Committees unanimously adopted a resolution condemning House Bill 1513;
  • Kevin Waterman moved to have his bylaw amendment regarding regional chairs discsused; it was handily defeated for consideration. Oddly, several Committee members decided to speak at length about how we should not waste time disucssing it. Even odder is the fact that it was the opinion of a few Central Committee members that because the Bylaws Committee rejected the amendment, the body should not consider it; a distrubing thought that entrusts the Bylaws Committee with far too much power;
  • Charles Lollar was announced as the winner of the straw poll with 68 votes; Hogan had 62, Craig 60; George 29, and undecided 9.
  • Diana Waterman gave a very passionate speeech about unity within the party and committment to the Republican Party and Republican causes. It was a very dynamic speech that I wish had been recorded somewhere, though I doubt that the people who really needed the message were actually listening to it.
And that was the convention. There was an hour-or-so break between that and some workshops, but I had to head home so I missed those and the dinner with Carly Fiorina.
Here’s a flavor of the convention, below, from the Twitterverse:

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