Statement on Baltimore Sun Ending its Relationship with Red Maryland

The Baltimore Sun has ended its relationship with Red Maryland.  

However, the smear merchants at Media Matters, as usual, have decided to not let facts get in the way of a good smear.  We did exactly what was asked of us by the Baltimore Sun. Sun editors were pleased with the “fresh perspective” our content brought to their oped page and website, as well as the “strong reaction from the Maryland political establishment,” our content elicited.  This was exactly what the Sun intended for the Red Maryland page on and opinion page.

We’d like to know of any other Maryland conservative bloggers, who faced the threat of law suits because they so enraged Governor O’Malley’s cronies for pointing out the simple truths about Democratic crony capitalism. 

The Baltimore Sun made a business decision based on pressure that they received based on a knowingly false and defamatory blog post. That is their prerogative, and we do not begrudge the Sun for their decision. They wished us well and we do the same for them. 

Red Maryland has never nor will ever engage in the activity that Media Matters and others allege. Media Matters deliberately misconstrues differences of opinion–in what are clearly opinion pieces–as disputes of material fact.  

Finally, to our detractors on both the right and the left–we aren’t going anywhere.

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