Life Beyond Primaries

We at Red Maryland take a keen interest in Republican Primaries. Through our endorsements, we are looking to shape the future of our party by endorsing and supporting candidates that believe in core Republican principles and can serve to support and propose policies that consistently aim to shrink the size of government and lower taxes.

But there is another set of candidates right now who don’t have primaries.

While primaries are an important function of what we do and important feature in how we decide the makeup of our party, there are quite a few competitive races out there in which the Republican candidate is running unopposed. Quite a few of these are very winnable races and these candidates need your support. While we at Red Maryland endorse candidates in the primary election, we know how important it is to coalesce around our nominees once the primary election is over. Maybe these candidates don’t necessarily agree with your worldview as much as you would like. Maybe there is an issue where you vehemently disagree with a candidate. Regardless of those choices, a Republican candidate is going to be infinitely better than the Democratic alternative.

Some of these races include:

  • Senate District 3, where Corey Stottlemyer is trying to win back the Senate seat the Alex Mooney let slip away due to his own admitted laziness.
  • Senate District 38, where Delegate Mike McDermott has the opportunity to take back a Senate seat that should rightfully be Republican.
  • Senate District 42, where Tim Robinson will await the winner of a bruising primary between Senator Jim Brochin and former Delegate Connie DeJuliis.
  • House District 27C where one of the good guys, Delgate Mark Fisher, is getting challenged by a popular former County Commissioner.
  • House District 29B, a seat for which Deb Rey has been running had for over a year.
  • House District 31A, where Terri DeGraw has a shot to pull a major upset in a district specifically drawn for Democrat Ned Carey.
  • State Senator Allan Kittleman is running a tough but winnable race for Howard County Executive.
There are plenty of other candidates who are running unopposed in the primary who could use your support in prepping for the general election.
A lot of us tend to get hyperfocused on primary elections. Naturally, between now and June 24th there will be extensive coverage, focus, and attention paid to these primary elections. But let us not forget all of the other candidates who are already focused on taking out the Democrats this November, and let’s help make sure they get a good head start.

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