Don’t Forget The Congressional Ethics Complaint Against Elijah Cummings

Our friends over at Front Line State have the video of Rep. Elijah Cummings’ meltdown at a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing on the IRS targeting of conservative organizations.  Cummings has been chief defender/apologist for the Obama administration during the IRS hearings. 

Much hay is being made that Rep. Darryl Issa, chair of the committee, erred in cutting off Cummings microphone, and that it only allows Cummings to create a further distraction from the real issue—the IRS targeting of conservative groups.
This also serves as a distraction from an ethics complaint filed against Cummings by Catherine Engelbrecht, who heads the election integrity organization True the Vote and King Street Patriots, a Tea Party group.  Engelbrecht accused Cummings, the committee’s ranking member, of intimidation.
In addition to being the committee’s chief defender of he Obama administration, he is also its primary attack dog.   Engelbrecht, one of the higher profile viticms of the IRS targeting scheme, is also a victim of Cummings attacks.

Cummings sent Engelbrecht three threatening letters threatening congressional investigation into her organizations.

Here is the text of one of letter dated October 4, 2012, all but accusing True the Vote of a “criminal conspiracy “ to commit voter suppression. Cummings publicized on his website and in a press release.
Cummings eve went so far as to not so subtly accuse Engelbrecht’s organization of racism during a committee hearing.

Cummings can fling the race card at the messenger, but voter and election fraud is very real.  He need only look in his home state for proof.  Election Integrity Maryland, a True the Vote affiliate has identified instances of dead voters casting ballots, and serious irregularities on the voter rolls.   And if the good Congressman needs any more proof, allow me to introduce him to the woman who aspired to be his colleague in the Maryland delegation:

The sturm and drang over yesterday’s incident will die out, no matter how long Cummings tries to keep the howling chorus of media harpies going.  What won’t go away is the fact that Cummings is guilty of the very thuggish intimidation he’s trying to defend.

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