Dan Bongino for Congress

In 2008 I was President of the Anne Arundel Young Republicans. At our annual Christmas Party I met a guy who was very knowledgeable about politics and very excited to get involved with the YR’s and with the Republican Party in general. The only problem was that he was limited due to commitments with his day job.

I next saw this gentleman in the spring of 2010. At an Anne Arundel Republican Party candidate fair, he was supporting his friend Brian Murphy in the Republican Primary for Governor. By that point we at Red Maryland had formally endorsed Bob Ehrlich for Governor, and me and this gentleman had a very intense discussion about the election, about issues, and about the future of the Republican Party.

Since those times, Dan Bongino really hasn’t changed much at all.

In 2012 Red Maryland was one of the first (if not the first) Republican group to endorse Dan Bongino’s candidacy for the U.S. Senate. In or endorsement. In our endorsement, we wrote:

He gets it. He really understands not only what it is like to be concerned about our economy, but also what it’s like to see the failure of big government social programs. In a state with such a huge Democratic population……. we need the kind of energy and enthusiasm that Bongino brings to the table. We need somebody who can bring the conservative message of hope and prosperity to the masses.

Sure, the Senate election did not turn out the way wthat we wanted it to. But Dan did not go home and lick his wounds. Instead he stayed in the game and statyed in the fight. He has done many things since that race, becaming a hot talk radio commodity and a best-selling author among them, but Dan is the same guy that he was before the Senate race. He was the same guy I met in 2008. He will be the same guy after he gets elected to Congress this fall, too.

If you haven’t seen his speech from CPAC, take a look.

The 6th Congressional District is being misrepresented with John Delaney as its Congressman. A crony capitalist Democrat has almost nothing in common with the conservative values shared by the majority of the district’s residents.  And in 2014, voters will have their best opportunity to replace John Delaney with somebody who is truly in line with their views.

We enthusiastically backed Dan Bongino in 2012. And in this 2014 election, the editors of Red Maryland enthusiastically and unanimously endorse Dan Bongino for Congress in the 6th District.

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