Brinkley Makes Our Case

We haven’t been shy about our endorsement Delegate Michale Hough over Senator David Brinkley in the incredibly competitive Republican Primary in the 4th District. Once again, Senator Brinkley has done us the courtesy of making the argument on why he should be replaced.

Senator Brinkley proposed six amendments to the Governor’s budget on the floor of the Senate on Thursday morning. All six of them were rejected by a near party line vote by the majority Democrats in the Senate.

So naturally when the budget came up for a final vote, David Brinkley joined Senators Edwards, Shank, Getty, Kittleman, and Colburn in voting for the budget anyway. This means that David Brinkley will have voted for six of the eight budgets introduced by Governor Martin O’Malley.

Of course, that’s not the only crime against restraint that Brinkley has made during his time in Annapolis, enabling the Governor’s slots plan, voting for the implementation and subsequent bailout of the state health care exchange, and voting for the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act.

In this election year, David Brinkley is trying to do his best to masquerade as a fiscal conservative in a year in which his record will be scrutinized by primary voters. In a recent news release concerning his election, the Brinkley campaign said:

“I am honored to have the opportunity to run for Senate,” said Brinkley. “This campaign will be another opportunity to reach out to the voters of Frederick County and combat the crippling taxes and regulations that are strangling our local economy.”

Senator Brinkley is the Senate Minority leader and is a leader in the conservative opposition to the Democratic monopoly. His approach is best characterized as forceful yet respectful of the office and the taxpayers who elected him.  His record demonstrates that he has been a champion for Republican values and has smartly found ways to make his voice heard in a state government that would rather steamroll any opposition.

I’m not sure what part of having your amendments steamrolled and then voting for the budget in lock-step with the people who just steamrolled you can be “characterized as forceful yet respectful.” Nor am I particular sure how Senator Brinkley plans to “combat the crippling taxes and regulations that are strangling our local economy” when, based on his questionable voting record, he voted for so many of those same taxes and regulations.

How much longer can we afford to have a minority leader like David Brinkley who marches in lockstop with the Democrats on spending issues?

The sad reality is that it’s hard to tell which side David Brinkley is on, because he sure doesn’t seem to be standing up for the low taxes, reduced spending, and smaller government that we expect from Republican leaders.

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