Brinkley Doubles Down on Budget Vote

Yesterday I noted how Senator David Brinkley’s vote for the budget made us at Red Maryland happy that we endorsed his primary opponent, Delegate Michael Hough. Based on Brinkley’s reaction to yesterday’s piece, I’d say we have his undivided attention.

Today in an email Brinkley doubled-down on his vote by having the gall to defend his vote for O’Malley’s “far from perfect budget.”

Brinkley’s campaign writes:

While the amendment ultimately was rejected by a majority of the Senators, Brinkley went on to vote for the Fiscal Year 2015 Budget.

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“The people of Frederick and Carroll Counties, as well as the rest of the state, expect government to work,” said Brinkley. “While the budget is far from perfect there are a number of items we expect from our government.”

Brinkley then goes on to list a laundry list of things that are funded by the budget, including Public Safety and Emergency Services, Transportation, Education, Agriculture, Mental Health Services, and Developmental Disabilities.

What Brinkley either fails to realize, or thinks that the voters of the 4th District are too naive to understand, is that the budget was going to pass the Senate with or without David Brinkley’s vote. Even if the entire Senate Republican Caucus voted against the budget, there were still 35 Democratic votes to pass.

Which means that the only logical reason why Brinkley would vote for the budget is that he truly believed in Governor O’Malley’s budget and wanted to make sure he voiced his support of it.

On the other hand, say that you take into account the idea that Senator Brinkley truly believes that the state should pay to fund that laundry list we mentioned earlier, and that Brinkley believes that he should vote in favor of those projects in order to show support for those programs. In that case, Brinkley can say that he voted for police protection, and ambulances, and K-12 education, and road construction.

It also means that Senator Brinkley voted for publicly financed abortions. It means that Senator Brinkley voted for the continuation of funding for the healthcare exchange implementation. It means that Senator Brinkley voted for Governor O’Malley’s offshore wind boondoggle. It means that Senator Brinkley voted for funding any number of the Democrats big government, statist pet projects that have been implemented throughout the O’Malley Administration.

While apologists for Senator Brinkley will believe that these arguments are spurious and that Senator Brinkley truly does not support these programs, his vote in favor of their continued funding would argue otherwise. And it is hard for Senator Brinkley to argue to the contrary since he claims to have voted for the Governor’s budget in order to fund “a number of items we expect from government.”

Let’s not forget that Brinkley’s record on fiscal issues during the O’Malley Administration has been nothing short of disastrous, voting for six of the eight O’Malley budgets, voting for O’Malley slots plan that raised our taxes, voting for the Greenhouse Gas Reduction act, and voting for the Budget Reconciliation and Financing Act that raided $187.3 million in local highway funds from the Transportation Trust Fund.

Tell me again how fiscally conservative David Brinkley is?

What this email ultimately tells me is that Senator Brinkley realizes that Republican primary voters in the 4th District are going to hold him accountable for his continued support of Governor O’Malley’s outrageous budgets, and he feels very uncomfortable having to defend his record in support of Governor O’Malley’s spending programs when challenged by an actual fiscal conservative. This race is only going to get more interesting as Senator Brinkley is forced to defend these votes to primary voters in his district. We’ll be watching.

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