Story Remains the Same

For years, we at Red Maryland have been covering the issue of various localities seeking elected school boards. We have taken particular interest in the efforts of state Democrats, and too often complicit Republicans, in thwarting every bill to give Anne Arundel citizens the chance to directly elect members of the school board.
This year’s General Assembly session has continued the trend.  A bill supported by Anne Arundel Republican Senators Ed Reilly (R-33) and Bryan Simonaire (R-31) was voted down in the county’s Senate Delegation by a 3-2 party line vote.  Democratic Senators Ed DeGrange (D-32) and John Astle (D-30) were joined by Senator James C. Rosapepe (D-21) in defeating the bill.  Disturbingly, Rosapepe’s district is contained almost exclusively in Prince George’s County, which has a school board with elected members. Roaspepe voted to deny his few constituents in Anne Arundel County the same opportunity for direct input into who sits on the county school board that his many Prince George’s constituents already have.

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