Prince George’s’ Pro-Failure, Anti-Accountability Politicians

Crossposted from PG-Politics.  Note that just a week before the filing deadline, 80% of the legislative and county Brown supporters listed have no Republican opposition.

As has been widely reported, the Maryland Health Exchange has been a monumental and extremely expensive fiasco.

In the months leading up to the launch of this disaster, Lieutenant Governor Anthony G. Brown regularly bragged about his role in managing the program, how it was one of his top priorities, and how that qualifies him to become our next governor.

But once it became clear that the program was a massive failure, even after months of warnings, Brown became evasive, tried to minimize his role, and did nothing useful to fix or manage fixing the program.

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Despite an eventual insincere, pro-forma acceptance of responsibility, Brown tried to run away as fast as he could from a problem of his own creation.  And he and his supporters have been working hard to ensure that there is no thorough, independent investigation before the coming elections.

It ought to be clear by now that Brown is incompetent, or was asleep, or both, and does not have the courage or integrity or competence to standup and promptly admit and fix his mistakes.

I find it hard to believe that any thinking person would hire this man for, and trust him with, any major management job.

So, why are so many Prince George’s County politicians endorsing Brown?

  • Do they want an incompetent, untrustworthy governor, or
  • Are they asleep and not paying attention, or
  • Have they been bought off with either campaign money or promises of favors?

Do we really want these supporters of failure and evasion to continue to govern us?

Legislators and county officials (* indicates Republican opposition):

  • Angela Alsobrooks, Prince George’s State’s Attorney
  • Joanne C. Benson, State Senator (24) 
    • Benson also endorsed gunslinger Greg Hall for delegate
  • Ulysses Currie, State Senator (25)
    • Currie’s defense on federal corruption charges argued that he was too dumb to be a crook
  • Dereck E. Davis, Delegate (25)*
  • Derrick Leon Davis, Prince George’s County Council (6)
  • Donna Edwards, Representative (MD-4) *
  • Mel Franklin, Prince George’s County Council Chair (9)
  • Barbara A. Frush, Delegate (21)
  • Andrea C. Harrison, Prince George’s County Council (5)
  • Melvin C. High, Prince George’s County Sheriff
  • Marvin E. Holmes, Jr., Delegate (23B)
  • Carolyn J. B. Howard, Delegate (24)*
  • Steny Hoyer, House Democratic Whip (MD-5) *
  • Cereta A. Lee, Prince Georges County Register of Wills
  • Thomas V. “Mike” Miller, Jr., State Senate President 
  • Eric C. Olson, Prince George’s County Council (3)
  • Joseline A. Pena-Melnyk, Delegate (21)
  • Douglas J. J. Peters, State Senator (23)
  • James Carew Rosapepe, State Senator (21)
  • Karen R. Toles, Prince George’s County Council (7)
    • Toles is known for running away from police at 105 miles per hour
  • Ingrid M. Turner, Prince George’s County Council (4)
  • Veronica Turner, Delegate (26)
  • Kriselda Valderrama, Delegate (26)
  • Geraldine Valentino-Smith, Delegate (23 A)
  • Michael L. Vaughn, Delegate (24) *

Municipal officials:

  • Marcus Afzali, Councilmember of College Park
  • Vernon Archer, Mayor of Riverdale Park
  • Lois Blue, Councilmember of Colmar Manor
  • Cynthia Bowden, Councilmember of Colmar Manor
  • Trina Brown, Councilmember of Bladensburg
  • Carolyn Cook, Councilmember of Cheverly
  • Robert Croslin, Councilmember of Hyattsville
  • James Crudup, Mayor of Eagle Harbor
  • Robert Day, Councilmember of College Park
  • Monroe Dennis, Councilmember of College Park
  • Katrina R Dodro, Councilmember of New Carrollton
  • Jonathan Ebbeler, Councilmember of Riverdale Park
  • Doretha Epps, Councilmember of Colmar Manor
  • Andy Fellows, Mayor of College Park
  • Walter Ficklin, Councilmember of Bladensburg
  • Tracy Farrish Gant, Vice Mayor of Edmonston
  • Jacqueline Goodall, Mayor of Forest Heights
  • Patricia Gross, Commissioner-At-Large of Cottage City
  • Edouard Haba, Councilmember of Hyattsville
  • Michael Hale, Mayor of Colmar Manor
  • Johnie Higgs, Councilmember-At-Large of Seat Pleasant
  • Candace Hollingsworth, Councilmember of Hyattsville
  • Vivian Jackson, Councilmember of Colmar Manor
  • Kito James, Mayor of Capitol Heights
  • Walter James, Mayor of Bladensburg
  • Eugene Kennedy, Councilmember of Seat Pleasant
  • Sophia E. Layne-Bee, Councilmember of Edmonston
  • David Lingua, Councilmember of Riverdale Park
  • Denise Mitchell, Councilmember of College Park
  • Craig A. Moe, Mayor of Laurel
  • Kelly Porter, Council President of Seat Pleasant
  • Jeannette M. Ripley, Vice Mayor of Landover Hills
  • Raymond Rivas, Councilmember of Riverdale Park
  • G. Frederick Robinson, Mayor of Bowie
  • Heidi Sorensen, Councilmember of University Park
  • Alejandro Silva, Councilmember of Riverdale Park
  • Elenora Simms, Councilmember of Seat Pleasant
  • Frederick Smalls, Council President of Laurel
  • Dennis Smith, Mayor of Glenarden
  • Steve Sonnett, Mayor of Upper Marlboro
  • Gary Styles, Commissioner of Cottage City
  • John Rogard Tabori, Mayor of University Park
  • Marc Tartaro, Mayor of Hyattsville
  • Todd Turner, Councilmember of Bowie
  • Lee Walker, Mayor of Landover Hills

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