Last week I wrote encouraging people to run for Central Committee on our Baltimore Sun site. Apparently it must’ve been really good because MDGOP 1st Vice-Chairman Collins Bailey decided to completely copy and paste it to his email list with minor changes and without attribution:

With a one week before the filing deadline or this year’s elections you (yes, you) still have an opportunity to make a difference in your Political Party.  The filing deadline is February 25, 2014AD.For a filing fee of just $10, you yourself can run for office to serve on your county central committee.What does a central committee do? Well, the central committee in the individual counties is the governing body of that county party. The county central committee members make up the state central committee. So traditionally what does a central committee actually do? A lot of things:·   

      Pursuant to the Maryland Constitution, submit a name to the governor to fill vacancies in the General Assembly;·         Recruit and train candidates for office·         Fund raise, including organizing the yearly dinner event;·         Outreach to the community·         Coordinate election year activities;·         Advertising and promotion of candidates and issues;·         Attend state party conventions every year.And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, as there are other duties that pop up from time to time. 

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Are you somebody who believes that our party is first and foremost going in the wrong direction and needs some ideological purification? Then this is where you can make the most difference. People elected to the central committee need to be, in my opinion, three things:1.     Committed to the principles that our great nation was founded on.  Including but not limited to Less Government, Lower Taxes, and Individual Responsibility;2.     Committed to recruiting and supporting the candidate that will champion those principles;3.     Willing to work your tail off to get true patriots elected. 

If you are the type of person who believes in ideological purity or trying to moderate the party message, then get off your duff and be part of the solution and not just someone that complains.  This is your chance.If you are the kind of person who is tired of sitting on the sidelines and wants to make a difference in the future of this state and your Party, sign up today. Learn more about how to do it at the State Board of Elections website.If you are the type of person who believes strongly in our founding principles, and you want to see those principles promoted, then this is your chance.  Stand up and join us and be part of the solution. 

Glad that Collins is enthusiastic and wants to help. But plagiarism is bad kids. Don’t be that guy who does it……

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