Michael Hough for State Senate

Yesterday, Delegate Michael Hough announced that he would be challenging Senator David Brinkley for the State Senate seat in Maryland’s Legislative District 4.  The news was not a surprise as such an announcement was anticipated for weeks but it was welcome news to Maryland conservatives.

It is my privilege to announce that the editors of Red Maryland unanimously endorse and support Michael Hough for the District 4 Senate Seat and encourage our readers to do likewise.
We have known Mike Hough for years.  Before being elected to the House of Delegates, Mike was a legislative aide and led the Maryland Republican Assembly whose mission was to support the election of conservative Republicans throughout the state.  Mike is a dedicated movement conservative who has demonstrated both as an activist and as an elected official, a commitment to conservative principles. As a member of the House of Delegates, Mike has a solid conservative voting record, including voting against every O’Malley budget and every tax increase proposed during the O’Malley administration.  Mike has unabashedly led the fight on many of the most important issues facing our state, introducing legislation to stop the implementation of Obamacare, staunchly defending life and our Second Amendment rights.

More than just talking the talk and walking the walk as a conservative legislator, Michael Hough is a decent and honorable man.  He is a proud husband to his wife of JoeyLynn and devoted father to his three children, Katelynn, Grant and Abby.  He is a native Marylander and an Air Force veteran.  

His integrity was best summed up in an interview we did with him in 2011.  When asked if he was being lobbied on a controversial piece of legislation like many of his Republican colleagues he stated that he did not have many visits from lobbyists because they knew where he stood on the issues and was likely to remain steadfast in his convictions.  
The newly drawn legislative District 4 is one of the most conservative in the state.  I should know.  I grew up there and have many family and friends who still live there.  Mike is the ideal candidate to represent their values in Annapolis.
Which brings us to Senator David Brinkley.  If you are a longtime reader of Red Maryland you know we have documented our concerns with Senator Brinkley through the years. Senator Brinkley has voted for five of the O’Malley budgets, approving massive increases in state spending.  Despite a public call for hearings on the state’s implementation of Obamacare, Senator Brinkley voted to implement and fund the state’s healthcare exchange.  Senator Brinkley also co-sponsored a bill to raise gas taxes in Frederick County.
As our founding editor Streiff stated it in 2011,  “Senator Brinkley’s voting record marks him as a squish on virtually any issue vaguely related to conservatism.” 

This year’s session has only reinforced Senator Brinkley’s reputation.  After supporting Mike Miller as President of the Senate, Senator Brinkley voted for a bailout of the state’s healthcare exchange, the cost of which is unknown.  His perfunctory leadership in the State Senate sharply contrasts with the actions of the House Republicans, including Mike Hough, who have resolutely resisted the Democratic monopoly in Annapolis.

Recognizing his weakness in this race, Senator Brinkley issued a response to Delegate Hough’s announcement stating “The citizens of Frederick County deserve more than a toxic government and I am willing to work hard to be an effective Republican leader, not just an empty seat.” Unfortunately, Senator Brinkley’s Bob Michel-inspired “go along to get along” style of leadership looks more like advanced stages of Stockholm Syndrome then an effective opposition to the liberal leadership in Annapolis.

As Mike Hough stated “I look forward to giving voters the opportunity to compare my conservative voting record against 20-year incumbent David Brinkley’s liberal tax-and-spend record.”

We have compared those records and that is why Red Maryland unanimously and enthusiastically endorses Michael Hough for the State Senate seat in District 4.  

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