Media Matters Myopia

It took four days for anybody to notice it, but Salvatore Colleluori of Media Matters continued his mancrush on Red Maryland by taking issue with my op-ed in last Friday’s Baltimore Sun. 

What young master Salvatore doesn’t understand is that his screed, fueled by questionable statistics, does nothing more than prove the entire premise of my op-ed. My entire point was that liberals such as Martin O’Malley and Wendy Davis, don’t recognize the sanctity of human life and the dignity of the individual person both born and unborn. By focusing on stats and so-called experts, Colleluori meekly tried to bypass the argument he knows he can’t win (that abortion ends with an unborn baby being killed) to try to divert attention to arguments that nobody is making.

I guess kudos to you Salvatore Colleluori for being so out to lunch that you spend your time proving that I was right all along….

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